We take care of our prized possessions including our home and our car. We even insure them because we don't want anything to happen to them. So why is it that most people fail to apply that same level of care and concern towards themselves? Towards their loved ones?  
Of course, we don't expect bad things to happen to us, but life is unexpected. Insurance cannot make the future more predictable, but it can at least be there when you and your loved ones need it most.
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What policies do you have? Have you taken any insurance for yourself or does your employer provide you with life and medical insurance? What about your family? Your spouse? Your children? Are they protected?
If no, then it's time to do some serious thinking about it. Think about how you're protected, and about what you need to protect.
Before you rush off and buy a policy just for the sake of having insurance, do some research. Not all policies are suitable for you. Different policies have different product features, benefits, conditions and exclusions.

Do your research and choose the type of policy that best suits your needs and life stage. Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones and get the most out of your money.
We don't like to think about it, but our time on earth is a limited gift. You might have prepared something to ensure that your family is well taken care of after you're gone, but have you done enough? Life insurance and family takaful can provide them with additional financial security, so that they can live comfortably after your passing. And with policies like investment-linked insurance and child education plan, your family may have the comprehensive protection required.
Injuries, sickness and disease can strike at any time without warning. Medical care hinges on getting treatment to the patient early and quickly. With the high price of modern healthcare, the treatments that can save the life of someone important to you shouldn't depend on how much you have. Don't let a life hang in the balance because of your finances. Let medical and health insurance or medical and health takaful take care of the hospitalisation and medical expenses.  
You can't wait for the day when you can finally give it up for a well-deserved rest. However, even with the rate of inflation holding steady, money just doesn't go as far as it used to. Your life savings won't go as far as it used to either, and it's not fair to you. You deserve better.

Retirement annuity allows you to invest your money for retirement, so that in your golden years, the money which you worked so hard for all your life, will finally work for you.
Your house is possibly the biggest financial responsibility you will ever face, and there's no doubt you want to keep it safe; safe from natural disasters, accidents and theft. Home insurance and home takaful help protect your investment, your home and some of your belongings in it.
If you own a motor vehicle or ride a motorbike, you are required by law to have motor insurance. But take the time to understand what motor insurance and motor takaful can do for you. See how the policies can protect your vehicle and help you in repairing and recovering your vehicle when accidents or crime happens.
When you are overseas, sometimes even life can go wrong, no matter what you do. Lost passport or getting hurt in a foreign country or worse. Travel insurance ensures that you and your belongings are secured and that you can always find a way home. Personal accident insurance and personal accident takaful gives you 24-hour worldwide protection, so you can be covered anywhere at anytime.
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